Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bavarian Crochet


I came across this little known technique quite by accident whilst I was searching for another crochet book on Amazon and I must say I love it, in fact I'm coming very close to being as addicted as I am to granny squares. What? I hear you say, but it's true - why not give it a try.

My two WIP's using this technique are a shawl and an afghan (see pictures below). Besides these I am bursting with other ideas for using this technique and no doubt I will eventually get round to making them.

I am crocheting the afghan in Sirdar Simply Recycled double knitting using a 4mm crochet hook. I love the feel of this yarn and the drape but you do have to be a bit careful as it is easy to split the yarn, however the end result is worth the extra care. The colours I am using are 0013 - clay, 0014 - greenhouse and 0015 - camomile. The yarn is made up of 51% recycled cotton and 49% acrylic and is widely available for approx £2.00 per ball, I know, what a bargain.

For the Bavarian Shawl I am using pastel shades of a double knitting yarn I recently purchased from Aldi's. Not as widely available but almost any double knitting could be used for this as you just keep going until you have the size required. The technique for the shawl is slightly different as you have to turn your work, going back and forth instead of working in rounds. So you work in half circles e.g. you go round once crocheting half cicles in double trebles (USA trebles) then turn and round again completing the circles in double trebles.

If you would like to know more about Bavarian crochet then the book I used is an Annie's Attic publication called Learn To Do Bavarian Crochet by Jenny King and is available from Amazon.

I've loved pastel shades for as long as I can remember and have always resisted using them in knitting or crochet as they seemed to have connections to babies and grannys. But hey, I love babies, I love granny's, I love granny squares, I love pastel shades and I love Bavarian crochet. There, that feels much better.

As you can see the lovely Lily insisted on getting in the picture too.

Back soon

Sue x

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